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Have You Thrown Up Your Hands and Given Up On Answered Prayer As A Lost Cause??

You would not be the first person to quit praying, but you can quit your quitting today!

Let me first get you started with a list of my foundational prayer books

Allow me to help you get back to prayer through my spiritual training resources. These books will be a staple in your toolkit. 

Testimonies About Answered Prayer

Many years ago, when I watched Pastors talking about God on television, I drew conclusions about their connection to God. I concluded they were of that particular group of Christians whom God gave preferential treatment. 

Their congregations were large and packed full of people. My home church was small, and the pews were seldom full. Everyone listening to the television pastor appeared attentive and happy to learn. Our Church's people were contentious and never brought Bibles to service.

My fairy-tale perspective was busted wide open when I listened to Dr. Frederick K. C. Price's testimony, "I threw up my hands and gave up on answered prayer as a lost cause!" He said that his prayer life was ineffective for many years, making him want to give up on prayer because it wasn't working.

Things changed for Dr. Price because his understanding of prayer changed. The television teaching program was the fruit of revelation about prayer and trusting God. He has undoubtedly had a hero's journey, but I, too, have had my own hero's journey.

Dr. Frederick K. C. Price Testimony

"I was convinced that the Pastors on television only had to pray for whatever they needed for ministry, and God answered. This was completely different from my Christian experience of having needs and not receiving an answer from God."

Becoming Collateral Damage

Hearing Dr. Price's testimony felt like my heart was in an echo chamber because this was my sentiment as well. The adults in my life had a hard time loving each other and keeping the family together. I became collateral damage. Each Sunday I attended church, I hoped and prayed to God about the situation. I wanted stability and everything that comes with a loving and strong family. Unfortunately, none of those prayers were answered. Unanswered prayers followed me to the point that I quit asking God for anything and downgraded my utterances to "thank you" for whatever came my way.

The Call to Ministry Required An Upgrade

Then, I answered the call to ministry and realized very quickly that I would never survive with my current failure rate. I had to get a revelation about prayer and thank God I did! I've shared the revelation with other Pastors, lay members, and anyone who would listen, and now I want to teach you what the Holy Spirit has taught me.

thank you

"Being able to attend theTethered to Eternity online course directed by Reverend Dr. GreeneBarr has helped me to connect closer to God. Her spiritual leadership, insightfulness, and dynamic personality have helped guide me to understand that God has a purpose for me. I’ve been able to identify and embrace the gifts that God has given me to improve the lives of others. I understand that God has invited me to do dynamic work. This time has been a period of revelation for me."

Imelda Trevino-Ingman

Imelda T.

From Catholic To Charismatic 

When I was first introduced to Imelda, she was already active in her Catholic parish and had previously participated in mission trips. Imelda was unfamiliar with the prophetic and apostolic governmental offices established by Jesus Christ. Nor had Imelda experienced an intimate Holy Spirit relationship with evidence of speaking in tongues. Charismatic and Pentecostal expressions of Holy Spirit Christianity had not been a part of her religious background. 

Spiritual Coaching

After counseling with Imelda, hearing her heart for youth, and discerning the Holy Spirit's call upon her life, a call of which she was completely unaware, I invited her to enroll in the online spiritual development course, Tethered To Eternity. Read her testimony and begin to imagine your life uplifted by a paradigm shift in your prayer life. 

The Prayer Course Birthed Global Ministry

Now, when I watch how her ministry life has taken shape since enrolling in the course, I marvel! Imelda is doing global ministry every day, and her creativity is causing hurting people to reach out due to her style, confidence, and anointing.

The Prayer Course graphic

YES! I desperately want a prayer life that gets results! 


Let me walk with you as a friend and guide on your journey.

Tethered To Eternity: A Prayer Course

Rev. Dr. Cecelia GreeneBarr, Instructor

Defining and Testing My Ministry

The early years of defining my ministry calling were most notable in the area of intercessory prayer. I wasn't seeking out opportunities to pray about other people's needs. Oddly enough, long before I acknowledged or announced the call of God to ministry upon my life, people were approaching me with their prayer requests. I wondered if their request for intercessory prayer was God's way of confirming the call to ministry.

Early Years of Ministry Work

But during those early years of ministry work, I didn't know that the correct terminology for what I was doing was intercessory prayer. I didn't even know there were several different types of prayer in the Bible. Yes, God selected me to serve in the Kingdom in the governmental office of the Prophet, but my first area of mastery was intercessory prayer.

What is Intercessory Prayer?

Compassion is in the heart of every Believer - that's why I want to help you.

woman outside praying

This 1 thing makes all the difference...

Intercessory prayer is the activity of speaking to God the Father on behalf of an individual or group who needs spiritual intervention from the Kingdom of God. The intercessor is the person who takes ownership of the work and responsibility to counsel with God.

Are you a prepared Intercessor?

Figuratively speaking, the intercessor is like the element along a bumpy road that fills in the gap where damage has eroded an otherwise smooth surface. The intercessor stands in the proverbial gap to make petitions on behalf of someone other than themselves.

bumpy road with pothole

Commissioned to Pray

Abraham is one of my favorite covenant heroes. Allow me to use his experience as an intercessor and measure his effective results when he petitioned God on behalf of the righteous living in Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 18). No one in the towns of Sodom or Gomorrah knew God's judgment was impending. No one in those towns, not even Abraham's nephew, even knew to ask Abraham for intercessory prayer.

black man praying in church

Spiritual Development Stages Require More Confidence

Abraham was in a spiritual development stage, having been selected by God to be the father of many nations, where his confidence in appealing to God had stretched on behalf of a relative and two cities. Abraham's intercession bridged the gap of the iniquitous towns down to the threshold of 10 righteous people. While God's judgment destroyed the cities, none of the righteous lost their lives. Abraham's intercession had been effective. That's the type of effectiveness I once sought and found. You can have it also.

Motivated By Faith & Patience

We are admonished to follow the results of other servants of God, such as a modern-day New Covenant example, Dr. Frederick K.C. Price, and Old Covenant example, Abraham, who have gained results. Abraham's results inspire me and motivate me towards confidence. His example is one of the reasons I began to seek God for a transformed level of spiritual development and ministry maturity. Dr. Frederick Price's teachings and Dr. Betty Price's (his wife) mentoring prove that spiritual coaching in the area of answered prayer is scalable, and results are duplicatable. Through studying and applying the insights from the Holy Spirit, I've been equipped to craft a process that brings participants to the authentic status of becoming intercessory prayer warriors. 


I feel the Holy Spirit calling me to deeper intercession! 


I've been where you are, and I'm here to show you the joys of intercession.

Tethered To Eternity: A Prayer Course

Rev. Dr. Cecelia GreeneBarr, Instructor

Answered Prayer Versus Failure

I've always wanted my ministry to be marked by a fruitful prayer life. I dreaded the possibility of feeling like an impostor or servant of God in name only. I felt deep within my soul that God still answered prayer, but I was left with only a thread of hope that God would answer my prayers when I interceded for others.

I have not been the only person who felt this way.

People gather in prayer groups online, at local churches, and in living rooms, seeking help for their natural and spiritual problems. No one, no Pastor, Prophet, Bishop, or lay member, for whom they have come, wants to admit that they are incapable of providing genuine assistance because they do not receive answers to their prayers.

Failure has to cease!

Don't Let The Meaning Of Your Ministry Get Lost Because Of Imposter Syndrome

Representing the Kingdom of God and enforcing the principles and rights of Kingdom citizens is the meaning of your ministry. Your ministry job for the Kingdom requires spiritual coaching as you hear the Holy Spirit, execute the task assigned to you, and rest in confidence that God hears your prayers. You and I have tremendous responsibility, expansive authority, and power, yet we must balance these attributes with love and humility.

Love is a demanding force, and humility is the most challenging because people come to us, look at us, and expect from us. God is a Spirit, but you and I are the flesh and bones people see with their eyes of hope. Yet, we know we are only one part of the results equation. We know God is the power, the burden lifter, and the mind regulator.

If you are not holding your involvement in proper balance, then answered prayer can become achieved less frequently, and you can begin to feel like a spiritual and liturgical imposter!

The imposter syndrome can overshadow the ministry job assigned to your life.

The worst thing you can do is condemn yourself or deceive yourself.

The imposter syndrome strikes the very leaders you've esteemed: Bishops, Superintendents, Pastors, Prophets, Teachers, and lay members

No more condemnation for me!


I'm ready to receive everything God has for me with the power of prayer.

Tethered To Eternity: A Prayer Course

Rev. Dr. Cecelia GreeneBarr, Instructor

Who Needs Your Ability to Obtain Answered Prayer?

Let's begin by searching within your immediate circle of influence. During the past 20 months of the pandemic, imagine the difference you could have made for people closely connected to your heart. 

What if you made the difference?

 Imagine if you could obtain accurate revelation and wisdom for these people suffering through these circumstances.

Isolated and fearful?

Consider the people overtaken by fear, depression, anxiety, and anger towards God that are in your text log on your phone.

Those in turmoil?

Now, broaden your scope and consider the turmoil in your city, increased violent crimes in your state or region, and the heightened level of insecurity regarding national stability.

YES! I desperately want to make a difference for others! 


Let me walk with you as a friend and guide on your journey.

Tethered To Eternity: A Prayer Course

Rev. Dr. Cecelia GreeneBarr, Instructor

I had been walking with the Lord but not in sync with the Holy Spirit. Knowing that He is here and that I need Him but not being able to hear or follow His instructions. I was a nice mess trying to work out how to get the momentum going of where I needed to be. This course, Tethered to Eternity, came at the right time when I was desperate to hear from God, to lean on Jesus and trust my steps, guided by the Holy Spirit, at His pace. However, I had not realized that my past had clouded how I saw myself and how I interacted with God, especially the Holy Spirit. The course helped with my spiritual actualization. 

Rev. Lerato

Rev. Lerato

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does God always answer prayer?

No! God is not obligated to answer every petition. God hears our prayers, but God upholds His covenant in answering prayer. Those petitions that oppose the will of God, the Word of God, will not be answered by God. God will not violate His holiness to appease us or grant our request. God makes distinctions between holy and unholy. Remember this factor each time someone asks you to pray (intercede) for them. Make sure their prayer request is holy. Otherwise, tell them you can not come into agreement with an unholy petition.

When will God answer my prayers?

The time issue concerning prayer manifestation depends on many natural and spiritual factors. For example, the strength of our faith is one spiritual factor that affects when God will answer your prayer. For example, if the strength of your faith can produce a part-time job that exempts you from working on Sundays, but can't build a business that hires 100 employees, then it will take longer for God to answer your prayer to be the owner of a Fortune 500 company. I look forward to teaching you more about the connection between time and prayer results.

Does God answer the prayers of unbelievers?

Absolutely, but with distinction. Each citizen in the Kingdom of God was once an unbeliever who prayed to receive Jesus as their Messiah. God will always answer an unbelievers' prayer for salvation. God will answer other prayers, such as healing, miracles, and deliverance, offered by unbelievers. God often gives signs and wonders to convict unbelievers. As a ministry of reconciliation, we need to provide intercessory prayer as people request, and Holy Spirit directs. Never allow a person's participation in worship to other deities to stop you from serving as a prayer warrior for them. Just make sure they understand that you are praying to Father God, in the name of Jesus for the help they need. Leave no room for them to think one of their deities rescued them from their distress. 

What is the difference between intercessory prayer and prayer?

There are several forms of prayer found in the scriptures, and intercessory prayer is one of those forms. Intercessory prayer is the work of offering petitions to God on behalf of others. Personal prayer may include petitions, praise and worship, thanksgiving, and travailing prayer, just to name a few. In personal prayer your need, your life is the focus.

What is Jesus' intercessory prayer? 

The gospel of John chapter 17 verses 1–25 contain Jesus' intercession on behalf of his followers. Jesus' ministry job of completing the Old Covenant that God made with Abraham, and being the New Covenant of reconciliation was coming to its fullest. John 17 is both prophetic prayer and intercessory prayer for his disciples and the church age. It was an intercessory prayer for nations, and it was also an intercessory prayer for the world.

John 17 is a bookmark passage when studying examples of answered prayer in the Bible. If you are a leader for a prayer group, ask yourself how joyful would your soul be if you could lead others in obtaining answered prayer such as Jesus got? You can; it just requires a paradigm shift that comes through spiritual coaching.

I'm ready to receive everything God has for me!


Tethered To Eternity: A Prayer Course

Rev. Dr. Cecelia GreeneBarr, Instructor

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