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Did you know that your cultural upbringing and

your prophetic prayer success

are connected at the hip?

That may sound a bit odd, however:

Pay close attention during this video presentation


Believe me, our cultural upbringing causes more confusion with ministry leaders like us than anything I know...

That's why each course module comes with a video lesson & worksheets, that you complete in order to clear the traditional confusion that hindering growth in God.

Are you ready for a spiritual training pathway designed to move the Believer from the basics of Christian Education into an Apostolic-Prophetic spiritual education?

Here are the few things that you can learn and quickly implement from this proved training

  • Discovering how thoughts, insecurities, or limiting beliefs have blocked your intimacy with God.

  • Build your arsenal of tools for intercession.

  • Gain measurable confidence in spiritual applications of prayer and faith

  • Grow your capacity to hear God

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What's taught in the course?

The best of us have been duped by these myths concerning spiritual growth programs.

The good news is these modules are nothing like that...

woman contempting change


brick path


white man kneeling in prayer


notebook and pencil


chess pieces


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Let's hear what other Kingdom Servants are saying

The principles behind Tethered to Eternity are also backed by some potent evidence...

Latrice B.

"Such a great investment..."

"Tethered to Eternity™ is such a great investment and experience. It’s truly been a blessing for my life over these past few weeks. I have been able to discover who I am in God, how I have purpose, I have a calling and I truly have many gifts to give to Him and to others as I connect with Him. I’ve also been able to explore how I am a prayer worker for the Kingdom. So if you are thinking about being a part of this community, being a part of this course, stop right now and sign up because you will not be disappointed. This course has been such an amazing experience and I pray that it blesses you as well."

Latrice B.

Elder Nicole C.

"I am more confident..."

"During a time of great uncertainty, I was reminded of the power of prayer in the life of every believer. Tethered to Eternity™ provided me with time to reflect and refine current practices, as well as receive fresh revelation concerning the work of prayer.

The practical activities that were part of the weekly modules are valuable tools that I will reference as I move forward in my work as an intercessor. I am more confident in my prayer time, because I have a greater understanding of the proper way to approach prayer.”

Elder Nicole C .

Apostle Sherry M.

"Revelation keeps coming.."

"I have gone through this program twice and the insights keep coming. After completing the course the first time I was empowered and prepared for God's next steps.

I really didn't think there was anything more I could learn by taking the course a second time but I was mistaken. Holy Spirit had more revelation to give. Now, I pray more using my heavenly language. I am laying on hands more, as well as evangelizing more. I also place more demands on the Holy Spirit and I am hearing Him more clearly."

Apostle Sherry M.

Just remember: You have to make one of two choices today:

You can stay on the path you're currently traveling...

and that path is probably not going in the direction of your dreams...

Yet, I want something so much better for you. It's the path you know you should take - the smart path that leads to the results you desire


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